Guide to Sippy Cups

Are you ready to graduate from bottles to sippy cups? Toddlers cannot manage to drink from glasses like us adults and need to be fed from a specially designed sippy cup. Babies are used to drinking from bottles and this habit gradually needs to be changed into independent drinking from glasses, like … [Continue reading]

How to Deal with Colic in Babies

colic in babies and colic tips

Newborn babies often suffer from a severe stomachache that is caused due to the presence of excessive gas in their stomachs. Doctors have the opinion that this gas enters the body while a baby is crying loudly with an open mouth. However, the cause of colic is not known. Colic may also occur due to … [Continue reading]

Pennsylvania Dutch Red Beet Eggs Recipe

Pennsylvania Dutch Red Beet Eggs Recipe

These Pennsylvania Dutch red beet eggs are to die for, especially if you love anything pickled. The Amish really know how to cook, and they are well … [Continue reading]

How I finally got my baby to sleep through the night!

How I finally got my baby to sleep through the night! (Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit Review)

Does your baby not sleep at night, despite numerous changes in routine? Have you read books, and articles, and feel like no matter what you do, your … [Continue reading]

Is your Toddler Afraid of Water on their Head? 5 Tips to Make Bath Time Easier

toddler afraid of water on their head

Is bath time a struggle in your house? Is your toddler afraid of water on their head? Some children have sensory issues and some just plain hate the … [Continue reading]

What No One Told Me About Having a Preemie (Tips and My Story)

preemie tips and what i wish i knew in advance

If you've had a preemie, or are at risk (for whatever reason) of preterm labor, then your biggest concern is what the risks are to your baby. There … [Continue reading]

Things That Are Cute On a Baby and Definitely Not on Adults {Humor}

cute baby list

I was looking at my daughter this morning and I realized that a lot of the things I find adorable about her are definitely not what society deems as … [Continue reading]

Save your Sanity with these Bath Time Tips for Toddlers

Some babies and toddlers love bath time and look forward to it. Others? Not so much. If your toddler falls into the second category, you can help them … [Continue reading]

Learn How to Cope with Toddler Tantrums

Preschoolers and toddlers are known for throwing tantrums. Children have difficult feelings and it is essential to tune into their emotions to … [Continue reading]

Gerber Soothe Review for Colic from a Preemie Mom

Overall, my Gerber Soothe review is that it's a great option for children who suffer from sensitivity issues, gas, colic and fussiness.

is a great option for babies who demonstrate milk protein sensitivities, fussiness or gas. This formula is believed to consist of hydrolyzed proteins … [Continue reading]