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Tips for Preventing Diaper Rash

Some babies are so prone to diaper rash, it seems nothing you do can prevent it from happening to your precious little one. While this is true for some, there are a few tips I learned while my daughter was in the NICU to help protect that sensitive baby bottom. Add purple Desitin at bedtime to […]

7 Ways to Save Money on Formula

Formula is expensive, easily costing hundreds per month. This is particularly true for babies with allergies who need special formula and preemies who require specific extra calorie formula (and may even have to put more than indicated in each bottle until the baby gains weight).  Even if you are supplementing with formula, it is an […]

Skinny Fudgy 3 Ingredient Chocolate Cookies

  Diet food that actually tastes good and satisfies that sweet tooth… Didn’t think it was possible? I didn’t either. I was a little skeptical when I came across these cookies floating around Pinterest. It substitutes butter and oil for plain nonfat greek yogurt. They can be a pain to make, but they are SO […]