How to Feel a Little Less Guilty about Feeding Your Kids Macaroni and Cheese (or other fattening comfort foods)

My daughter, and most kids I am sure, loves macaroni and cheese. Heck, I love macaroni and cheese. It’s a great comfort food and so easy to make. I usually make a skinny version, but sometimes I’m lazy and sometimes I’m craving full fat cheesy goodness. It’s 12° today, I’m cold and I have a sinus infection. That calls for some unhealthy comfort food!

I was being a “bad mom“ and making a box of they’ll Velveeta shells and cheese for lunch for Livvy when I had a lightbulb moment. I could help the monotonous flavor of the macaroni and cheese a little bit and get Livvy to get a serving of veggies in, which is quite the struggle lately. I grabbed a frozen bag of peas and carrots and dumped a little bit in, just enough that it’s not going to overpower the macaroni, and now I feel a little better about gorging on full fat cheese for lunch. It’s a good way to bribe our kids and indulge now and then, while still getting some nutritional value.

This is obviously not rocket science, but I thought I’d share because it hadn’t occurred to me until today.


What tricks do you use to get your kids to eat better?



  1. My mom and dad did this growing up! add a can of tuna and now it’s tuna casserole! lol. we loved it, but i have not had since I became an adult. I cook a lot of our meals from scratch, and sometimes feel like a fraud when i give my kids boxed mac and cheese, but i also see it as at least they are going to bed full. We live in a very poor urban area, and there are a lot of local kids that do not have that luxury.

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