7 Ways to Save Money on Formula

Formula is expensive, easily costing hundreds per month. This is particularly true for babies with allergies who need special formula and preemies who require specific extra calorie formula (and may even have to put more than indicated in each bottle until the baby gains weight).  Even if you are supplementing with formula, it is an expense that you want to reduce any way possible to save money. Formula can be affordable if you play your cards right. Here are 7 ways you can cut down on formula costs.

Formula is an expense that you want to reduce in any way possible to save money. Formula can be affordable if you follow these 7 steps.

Ask pediatrician’s office for samples every visit.

Every office is different, but every time I go to my office (and I’ve heard the same from some others about their own pediatrician), I ask for a sample. They give me a full-size container of NeoSure each time.

Look into WIC eligibility.

Their checks can be a hassle to use at the store, but it’s a lot of money you can save. If you are disabled or meet the income guidelines, you can get food while you are pregnant and up to a year after the baby is born. Your baby is eligible until they are 5, as long as you remain eligible. They can cover a large portion, if not all, of your formula needs. When your baby is old enough to start purees, it can cover that too. When your baby moves on to table food, it can cover things like juice, cheese, cereals, bread, and whole milk.

Sign up for coupons from manufacturers. (they also send samples)

I signed up for coupons from Similac and Enfamil. Similac sent me a sample pack of 3 formula types to try out. The cans were not quite as big as a regular formula can. Both brands also send coupons towards formula purchases (they often look like checks) and range from $5 to $10 off on average. I’m sure other brands have similar offers too.Formula is an expense that you want to reduce in any way possible to save money. Formula can be affordable if you follow these 7 steps.

Consider switching to generic.

Some mothers swear by generic formula, stating it is just as good as brand name. I hear wonderful things about Target’s store brand. Personally, I have never tried it, but I’m sure I would. I buy generic medications and other things, so I doubt this is any different.

Stack coupons with sales.

Have your coupons already? Browse store flyers for sales and stock up. Most formula is good for at least 6 months, so take advantage of sales to get even more savings.

Check eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

Many moms sell off new, unopened formula, baby food, and diapers when their baby outgrows it. This can be way cheaper than retail prices. Check auction sites like eBay. I have seen a lot posted locally on Facebook Marketplace as well!

Check wholesalers like Sam’s and Costco.

Again, buying in bulk generally saves money, which adds up fast. While you can’t add coupons, it can often be cheaper than store prices WITH coupons. You can watch for sales at wholesalers as well, which generally change monthly.

Saving money on formula can be better spent on other things, like baby toys or adorable baby clothes. What ways do you save money on formula?





  1. I started my second on formula a few months ago for supplementation and we switched to the generic brand and she doesnt have any issues! It is a HUGE savings for us!

  2. Such great tips! Especially, the stacking coupons with sales…that was always really helpful. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  3. thanks for a good post!!

  4. I find a lot of our formula in the online fb groups and I did a lot of coupons and whatever I could find with target. TArget has the app with coupons and then they run specials where you can get a GC for purchasing $x amount of baby products

  5. Formula is so expensive. I don’t know how these companies sleep at night knowing they are charging so much for a product that many kids need to live, and some families can’t afford.

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