A fun tummy time tip for babies who hate tummy time



My 12 month old/10-month-old adjusted baby has never liked tummy time. As a result, she does not crawl and her arms tire easily. I have tried everything I can think of. We’ve tried the Boppy, on the bed, on my lap, on a play mat, distracting with toys and even using my coveted cell phone as motivation. Today out of curiosity I laid her across her FlipaZoo stuffed animal that she got for her birthday. Any long stuffed animal or pillow will do, but I think part of the fun was we played with the stuffed animal first. I got her to lay on it for a few minutes and play with her baby laptop, which doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s actually a huge deal as she won’t tolerate more than 10-30 seconds on a good day!

Edited to add: another fun tip was creating a “sled“ out of a large piece of cardboard. I then placed a soft blanket on it and my daughter loved it, straining to look around. You have to go slow in case they roll! Definitely, use caution, but it is a lot of fun.

Fun ways to get your little one to enjoy tummy time!

Nothing secret or magical about this tip, but it worked for us and maybe it will work for any of you mommies who have a hard time getting your baby to tolerate tummy time as well.


A fun tummy time tip for babies who hate tummy time


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