Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party Ideas + Free Silhouette Cut File

I can’t believe Olivia turned one! She is actually 10 months adjusted, which made it tricky in terms of participating in some of the traditional activities. We had a wonderful family party which we decided to keep inside as she’s not walking yet. We will save the park for next year.

I really wanted to do more decorations than I actually did, but I have to say my favorite is the high chair tutu. It can be used again and again, making it so worth the effort! There are a ton of tutorials on Pinterest, so I won’t bore you with the specifics, but I will share some tips that helped me in making it:

  • I went with multi colored. I saw many plain colored high chair tutus on Pinterest, but I wanted to add a tad more color to it. This one was a 3 pink, 1 white pattern.
  • Create chaos. I ignored my inner perfectionist and did not pull the tulle tight. Every other pink one I did backwards to create dimension.


I also made her a custom tutu, which she kept on much longer than I anticipated! Unfortunately, the shoes and hair accessories did not last more than a few minutes lol. I am sharing a few tips on making that as well:

  • I went with pink and lace tulle. The lace was glittery, stiff and leaked glitter, so I set the tulle with hairspray (unfortunately didn’t have much on hand). I don’t know if it helps all that much, but it’s worth a shot to contain that glitter monstrosity!
  • I spaced out the lace tulle because it is coarser and didn’t want the tutu to become too much for her sensitive baby skin. I also did shorter tulle than most tutorials recommend for same reason and so she didn’t trip on it.

  • Cut the bow off a baby headband as a base and make sure to space the tulle out and not pull it too tight so it will stay stretchy.

Tulle cutting tip: I used a large plastic tote lid and wrapped the tulle around it as a template (you could alternatively cut cardboard, but I was lazy). For the skirt I cut on both ends and wrapped it short ways. For the high chair tutu I wrapped it longways and only cut one end.

I also created a silhouette file to make her a banner to go over the high chair tutu. It was a simple 3 piece banner and it was just going to spell out O-N-E. I got hung up on making her onesie (which dad is covering but it says “I’m ONE-derful!” and has Olivia under it), and ran out of time. I am sharing that file, however, for your personal use for your children’s first birthday! I’d love to see finished photos if you use it! I was going to do a white banner, with burlap squares and pink letters as my theme was white and pink. It’s perfect for a boy or a girl! It was made with the Milkshake font. I hope you get more use out of it than I did!

Get the free thankful banner for Silhouette Studio.

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