Save your Sanity with these Bath Time Tips for Toddlers

Some babies and toddlers love bath time and look forward to it. Others? Not so much. If your toddler falls into the second category, you can help them learn to love bathtime with these bath time tips for toddlers.

Bathtime Tips for Toddlers

My one-year-old, Livvy, can go either way with bathtime. She used to absolutely hate it, and we had a fight every few days when bath time rolled around. Sometimes even the word “bath” can bring about a tantrum. Now, she can tolerate it, and some days she even loves it. Her moods change drastically, so bathtime has become an adversary. Planning and preparation have made a world of difference.

Prioritize your washing routine.

Some days my daughter wants to stay in the tub until it turns cold. Others I have just a few precious minutes to get as much cleaning and washing done as I can. I start with her hair, wash any obvious dirty areas, and then proceed to finish washing her in case we don’t get to finish, which was the case today. Then do her tummy, legs, and hands/feet. Pick the parts that are hardest to clean outside of the tub to be first, such as hair washing. Save the easiest for last, like hand washing as that can easily be done outside of the bath.

Have everything you need ready in advance.

Soon as Livvy sees the tub, she wants right in. (More tips on coping with an impatient toddler) I don’t want to have to leave the bathroom to go get clothes or diapers, etc. If I’m really lucky I can even have the water already prepped for her. If not, distract your toddler while the water fills up with songs. I try to draw out getting undressed, adding tickles and pointing to different body parts.

Close the door if your toddler is walking or crawling.

I also made the mistake of leaving the door open while trying to dry Livvy off today. She took off at a wet, naked run and I had to chase her down to get her dry and dressed. Lesson learned. Close the door so your toddler can’t make a run for it until you’re ready to unleash let them.

Add some fun.

The best part of bathtime is playing, right? I used to stay in the tub for hours with my Barbies when I was little! The options are endless. You can get a bathtub fishing set, bath crayons, water beads (be careful they don’t eat them as they look like candy!), bubbles, bath books, and more. Try some toys out and find what your toddler likes best. You could also add some nursery rhymes or soothing music in the background if your toddler responds well to music.

We no longer dread bath time in our house, I never thought Livvy would get excited to take a bath, but every time we go into the bathroom she can hardly contain herself until I get her undressed and in the tub. What bath time tips work for your toddler?

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