Why I am buying my kid a kid’s kindle fire instead of regular fire

2 year warranty, kindle free time and more makes the higher price tag more than worth it!
Looking at cyber Monday deals for Kindle fire almost lead me to buy a $30 Kindle fire 7HD (I believe the regular price is $49) for my daughter. I mean, after all, she’s basically watching nursery rhymes. I just wanted custody of my phone back, and to have something to use as a reward/distraction for her sensory “training”. After doing some research on Amazon’s kids kindle vs regular kindle, however, I decided to go with the more expensive kids Kindle fire seven HD.

Here’s why it’s worth it, in my humble opinion:

  • The kids kindle has a 2-year worry free accident warranty versus the regular Kindle’s 90 day limited warranty. Amazon specifically states: “if they break it, return it and we’ll replace it for free. No questions asked.”
  • The kids kindle comes with Kindle Free Time for 1 year, which is normally $1.99 for prime members per month or $3.99 regularly per month.
  • It already comes with a rubber protective case, which makes a huge difference for a toddler.
  • It’s already primed with a bunch of kid apps and books, not to mention parental controls.
  • It comes with a kid-safe browser already installed.
  • It shows Discussion Cards so you can see which books your kiddos favor and have meaningful conversations about them.


Not sure which kindle to get for your child? Here’s why I chose to go with the kids versionThere is a Kindle 8 version, but my toddler isn’t doing anything on the tablet that makes me want to spend the extra money to get top of the line. We can stream Netflix or Amazon just fine for long road trips!

Which Kindle do you prefer for your kids? Why?


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