Pamper Yourself, You Deserve It Giveaway

Put yourself first and pamper yourself regularly to make yourself a better mom. Not only is it relaxing, it gives you the break you need and deserve, so you can go back to your “mom duties” feeling refreshed and like a queen. My mother and I were so lucky to be invited to a local […]

Why I am buying my kid a kid’s kindle fire instead of regular fire

Looking at cyber Monday deals for Kindle fire almost lead me to buy a $30 Kindle fire 7HD (I believe the regular price is $49) for my daughter. I mean, after all, she’s basically watching nursery rhymes. I just wanted custody of my phone back, and to have something to use as a reward/distraction for […]

Have an EBT Card? You Can Get an Amazon Prime Discount for $5.99 a Month!

I personally know quite a few moms who could use this. Have you been wanting Amazon Prime, but holding off due to lack of funds? If you have government assistance, such as an EBT or Access card, you can qualify to get an Amazon Prime discount of 50% off! Regular prime costs $10.99 a month; […]

7 Ways to Save Money on Formula

Formula is expensive, easily costing hundreds per month. This is particularly true for babies with allergies who need special formula and preemies who require specific extra calorie formula (and may even have to put more than indicated in each bottle until the baby gains weight).  Even if you are supplementing with formula, it is an […]

New Mom’s Guide to Shopping for Baby Clothes

Babies can wear anywhere between newborn and 12 months on average, and therefore when shopping for baby clothes, it is important to look for shops that stock clothes for that age bracket. The following is a must-have list of baby clothes that first-time parents will need: Mittens or socks to put on their hands (those […]