Dream Big, Princess – Be A Champion – Disney

I was putting my 7-month-old daughter into her swing in front of some cartoons this morning (don’t judge, she’s a preemie with post-colic fussiness and has some sensory issues that won’t let her focus on one thing for long. Mommy can’t hold her all day and sometimes needs to pee or do something!) and I was heading to go pee (TMI, sorry it’s a mommy habit I’ve picked up – i.e. did she poop? what did it look like? how much was there? was it peanut butter consistency?? lol) and this commercial stopped me in my tracks. I don’t think it was just hormones, but it brought a tear to my eye because this is what I want for my daughter. I’m not referring to the “You can do anything” debate that means you’re over-empowering your children (especially daughters), but that she can put her mind to things and overcome the obstacles she’s given. She can do anything (within reason, of course) that she puts her mind to with some hard work. I want this for her, and it was so well done. This is possibly the best commercial I have seen in years!! Just thought I’d share and maybe bring a tear to another mother’s eye (if they don’t have Nickelodeon on all day and have seen it a million times, that is! lol)

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