Gerber Soothe Review for Colic from a Preemie Mom

is a great option for babies who demonstrate milk protein sensitivities, fussiness or gas. This formula is believed to consist of hydrolyzed proteins which can be easily broken down into smaller pieces which ensure tolerability and easy digestion. The inclusion of probiotics is an added benefit that can help babies to develop a stronger immune system and a healthier gut. This formula has been designed to provide balanced and complete nutrition to babies along with comforting their sensitive tummies. This is my Gerber Soothe Review for colic in babies (coming from the mom of a preemie).

Product offered from a popular brand to offer solid nutrition

The positive thing about opting for Gerber Soothe is that it is a popular brand and has been trusted by Americans for generations. It has been used as a source of nutrition for newborns and toddlers. The Gerber Soothe formula has been developed for babies that have sensitive tummies. The smaller proteins ensure that the children do not have to face colic, constipation or gas issues which are symptoms of milk protein sensitivity. The formula is made from hydrolyzed proteins that reduce the chances of any food allergies.  

Consists of probiotics & prebiotics

What makes Gerber Soothe a great option is that it consists of prebiotics that are found naturally in the breast milk. It also consists of prebiotics which are known for promoting the growth of good bacteria and are not the same as probiotics. Having a healthy gut is extremely important and Gerber Soothe makes sure that your child has a stronger gut right from the start.

Great taste and reasonable price

Many parents who use Gerber Soothe believe that this formula does not have any strong smell of oils or iron when compared to other formulas available in the market. Babies and toddlers enjoy Gerber Good Start Soothe. The best thing about this formula is its longevity which can be used from day one up to twelve months. The Gerber soothe formula is available for babies in different stages. For instance, the Stage 2 formula is ideal for babies of six to twelve months old. This is done to ensure that your baby gets the right dose of nutrients according to their age. The price of this formula is as well reasonable considering the benefits being offered at the price.  


  • Non-GMO
  • Is ideal for babies with gas, fussiness, colic or milk sensitivity
  • Consists of probiotics which promotes immune health and a stronger gut
  • Consists of smaller proteins that aid in digestion


  • Not made from organic ingredients
  • Palmolein oil is used as a fat source
  • Hexane has been utilized for extracting the ingredients used in this product
  • Corn syrup has been used as a sweetener
  • The formula gets lumpy when not mixed appropriately


Overall, Gerber Soothe is a great option for children who suffer from sensitivity issues, gas, colic and fussiness. The carefully used ingredients make sure that the kids do not have to face any discomfort due to problems associated with indigestion. Moreover, the formula containing prebiotics is available at a reasonable price.

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