How I finally got my baby to sleep through the night!

Does your baby not sleep at night, despite numerous changes in routine? Have you read books, and articles, and feel like no matter what you do, your baby’s sleep is not improving? I’ve been there! I did not win the feet sleep lottery. In fact, I lost the sleep lottery so badly you would think I am cursed. That was until her occupational therapist recommended a product that changed everything – (tips for baby sleep through the night) Baby Merlin’s Magic SleepSuit!

My Baby Doesn’t Sleep!

My daughter was eight weeks premature and coming home from the NICU was terrifying, to say the least. I was a first-time mom, and she was so tiny (3 lbs). It felt foreign caring for her without all the wires and machines. On top of that, she never slept more than 45 minutes or so at a time.

At first, I knew that was normal. But months went by, and it got worse. She would sleep for 10 minutes at a time. I wanted to scream when people would tell me “sleep when the baby sleeps.” I read all kinds of sleep books. I am not knocking any form of sleep training, but it never felt right to me and my “mom gut”.  My daughter has sensory processing disorder, and because of that, she cannot self-soothe. It is one reason and a story for another day that I chose to cosleep.

How I finally got my baby to sleep through the night! (Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit Review)

Enter Baby Merlin’s Magic SleepSuit

No matter what form of sleep training, or lack thereof, I believe that the baby merlins magic sleep suit really is magic! It was designed by a mother who is also an occupational therapist. It is a weighted sleep suit, and completely safe for your baby to wear as long as it fits. It’s just a heavy cotton batting.

Babies look so cute and funny in them, like a big fluffy marshmallow! I think the biggest reason it works is that it blunts that Moro reflex that babies have. I have seen my daughter startle herself awake time and again.

We tried so many different things from vibration, background noise, no noise, lights off, shushing, swaddling, rocking,  putting her down awake, putting her down already asleep (which would just wake her up). You name it and we probably tried it.

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit Works!

Her occupational therapist recommended it when she was about nine months and I was so sleep deprived I would try anything. I was highly skeptical because nothing to date had worked. The first night I put it on her, she only woke up once or twice which had nothing to do with her sleep cycle or reflexes, it was because her Binky fell out and she couldn’t put it back in on her own. So while my daughter did not 100% sleep the night through, she went from waking up (not exaggerating) seven or eight times a night to once or twice a night.

Some nights we lucked out and she did sleep the night through. It was a very sad day indeed when she outgrew her baby Merlin magic sleep suit LOL! I would highly recommend it to any mom who is having even the tiniest bit of trouble with sleep or wants to prevent bad sleep patterns from starting.

Every baby is a little different, but this occupational therapist/mother definitely knows what she is talking about! Any future child of mine, no matter how good of a sleeper, will be wearing the suit! Have you tried the sleep suit? Did it work for you?

How I finally got my baby to sleep through the night! (Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit Review)

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