Is your Toddler Afraid of Water on their Head? 5 Tips to Make Bath Time Easier

Is bath time a struggle in your house? Is your toddler afraid of water on their head? Some children have sensory issues and some just plain hate the feeling of water being poured on them. If your child, for whatever reason, can’t stand the feeling of water pouring over their head, then this guide is for you!

toddler afraid of water on their head

Livvy has sensory issues, and one of those she does not like the sensation of water hitting her head. In fact, she hates anything on her head… Headbands, headphones, earmuffs, barrettes, and hats. Her early intervention special instructor had some great advice, as I’m sure a lot of kids don’t like water being poured on their head or hate the sensation of it getting in their eyes.

5 Ways to Help if your Toddler is Afraid of Water on their Head

  1. Buy a visor that redirects the water off of their head. You can find water protection visors online almost anywhere or at stores like babies are us. If you don’t want to spend the money, and your baby tolerates it, you could put a sweatband on their head to catch water or in a pinch even hold a folded washcloth against her for head
  2. Make it a fun game. Everything goes easier when it’s fun. Pour some water over your head and laugh, or have your baby do it. You can also have them wash a doll’s hair while you wash their hair.
  3. Wash your toddler’s hair in front of a mirror. Sometimes it’s not knowing what’s about to happen that babies don’t like. If they can see it coming, they may tolerate it better.
  4. Let them participate. Let your toddler Bosch a double’s hair while you wash there is.
  5. Use a washcloth. If all else fails, which happened in our case, we had success combining the game of placing a washcloth on her head and saying “what’s on your head?” And gently wiping shampoo on and off with a damp washcloth. Baby hair is so fine that you don’t need a lot of lathering in general.

We no longer dread bath time in our house, I never thought Livvy would get excited to take a bath, but every time we go into the bathroom she can hardly contain herself until I get her undressed and in the tub. What works for your toddler?

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