How to Perform Infant CPR and First Aid {Infographic}

As a mother of a NICU preemie, it was hard not to spend my time in the NICU staring at my daughter’s stats wondering what if… (What if she chokes? What if she stops breathing? Or what if she falls and hits her head?) She’d already been defiant and decided to come into the world 8 weeks early! I’m sure you’ve worried about similar things at some point or another, new mama or not. It’s practically part of our job description as mothers. This is an awesome visual guide for infant cpr and infant first aid!

I don’t know about you, but I am a visual learner. I had to watch CPR and Heimlich videos before Livvy got discharged to come home from the NICU, but with all of the information I had to absorb, I was worried I wouldn’t remember. This is such a handy reminder of the steps. I review them every so often, just as a refresher. A good idea would be to print them and keep them inside a cupboard, maybe with first aid supplies!

Infant CPR and First Aid Guide

source: Wooden Toy Shop


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