7 Ways to Save Money on Formula

Formula is an expense that you want to reduce in any way possible to save money. Formula can be affordable if you follow these 7 steps.

Formula is expensive, easily costing hundreds per month. This is particularly true for babies with allergies who need special formula and preemies who … [Continue reading]

Skinny Fudgy 3 Ingredient Chocolate Cookies

These low fat cookies can be a pain to make, but are SO worth it! And only 3 ingredients. It substitutes plain nonfat greek yogurt for butter and oil.

  Diet food that actually tastes good and satisfies that sweet tooth... Didn't think it was possible? I didn't either. I was a little skeptical … [Continue reading]

New Mom’s Guide to Shopping for Baby Clothes

Babies can wear anywhere between newborn and 12 months on average, and therefore when shopping for baby clothes, it is important to look for shops … [Continue reading]

Free 4th of July Printable Card

The 4th of July is right around the corner. Here is a free printable 4th of July card/poster to celebrate in style! Make a poster, shrink into place … [Continue reading]

13 Homemade Lemonade Recipes For Summer {Infographic}

13 yummy lemonade recipes for summer

There is nothing like a tall glass of lemonade on these hot, muggy Summer days. I am loving these lemonade recipes by PB Teen! Have you tried any? … [Continue reading]

Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party Ideas + Free Silhouette Cut File

I can't believe Olivia turned one! She is actually 10 months adjusted, which made it tricky in terms of participating in some of the traditional … [Continue reading]

My First Silhouette Card! {DIY 3D Pop Up Princess Castle Birthday Card}

I am so proud of myself! I recently posted about my frustrations with my new Silhouette Cameo 3. Well, my mom had the baby for an overnight visit, so … [Continue reading]

How to Not Waste a Ton of Time and Paper on Your Silhouette Cameo

I know this sounds obvious, but I am one of those people who hate doing a lot of pointless steps. When I crochet or knit, I tend to skip the test … [Continue reading]

A fun tummy time tip for babies who hate tummy time

    My 12 month old/10-month-old adjusted baby has never liked tummy time. As a result, she does not crawl and her arms tire … [Continue reading]

How to Perform Infant CPR and First Aid {Infographic}

I'm sure you've worried about your baby choking or needing CPR. This is an awesome visual guide for infant cpr and infant first aid!

As a mother of a NICU preemie, it was hard not to spend my time in the NICU staring at my daughter's stats wondering what if... (What if she chokes? … [Continue reading]