13 Homemade Lemonade Recipes For Summer {Infographic}

13 yummy lemonade recipes for summer

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Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party Ideas + Free Silhouette Cut File

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My First Silhouette Card! {DIY 3D Pop Up Princess Castle Birthday Card}

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How to Not Waste a Ton of Time and Paper on Your Silhouette Cameo

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A fun tummy time tip for babies who hate tummy time

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How to Perform Infant CPR and First Aid {Infographic}

I'm sure you've worried about your baby choking or needing CPR. This is an awesome visual guide for infant cpr and infant first aid!

As a mother of a NICU preemie, it was hard not to spend my time in the NICU staring at my daughter's stats wondering what if... (What if she chokes? … [Continue reading]

Dream Big, Princess – Be A Champion – Disney

I was putting my 7-month-old daughter into her swing in front of some cartoons this morning (don't judge, she's a preemie with post-colic fussiness … [Continue reading]