4 Ways to Prevent Diaper Rash

4 Ways to Prevent Diaper RashSome babies are so prone to diaper rash, it seems nothing you do can prevent it from happening to your precious little one. While this is true for some, there are a few tips I learned while my daughter was in the NICU to help prevent diaper rash on your precious baby’s bottom.

Add purple Desitin at bedtime to prevent diaper rash before it starts.

I slather Desitin on at every diaper change when my daughter has diaper rash. If your baby is prone to it, however, our pediatrician recommended PURPLE Desitin. Especially at bedtime as a barrier to prevent it from recurring. If she hasn’t had the rash for at least a week, I stick to a good layer at bedtime since that’s the longest we go without a diaper change. Why purple Desitin? It contains the most zinc oxide (40%) you can find in non-prescription cream.

Air out your baby’s bottom.

My daughter rashed so easily in the NICU with her preemie skin that wasn’t supposed to be exposed to the world yet. Her skin tore changing the tape on her pulse ox monitor on the bottom of her foot. It came as no surprise that she quickly developed diaper rash. She is almost two and still rashes easily. One of her NICU nurses removed her diaper, put a towel under her, and took an air hose to her bottom. She didn’t like it, of course, but it was a great idea. How else do you quickly and efficiently dry out the diaper area? You don’t want to leave the diaper off too long, or you will be cleaning up quite the mess. Let your little one go diaper free as long as you feel comfortable so it’s not quite so damp down there.

I used to let my daughter hang out diaperless before her bath because she was getting cleaned off anyhow! We would just slip a puppy pad under her so I could easily throw it away. We get the puppy pads cheapest at Sam’s Club or you can get a 4 pack at Dollar Tree.

Use unscented or organic diapers.

Pampers and Huggies both make unscented diapers. Luvs has a scent (which I love, but have had to give up). You can go a step further and buy organic diapers. The Honest Company has great reviews and a plethora of baby products. I haven’t personally used them, but I haven’t heard a single bad thing about them. I’ve also heard good things about Seventh Generation and Babyganics.

Change frequently.

Diapers are not cheap. You may cringe at the thought of throwing away a slightly soiled diaper (especially with how often and little newborns pee), but it’s so hard to keep your baby dry otherwise. If they have super sensitive skin, it’s worth it to prevent their suffering, right?

These tips have worked for us and came recommended by our pediatrician and the wonderful NICU nurses at our local hospital. Do you know any more tips to prevent or treat diaper rash that I haven’t covered? If so, leave them in the comments with a link to your blog, and I will add them with a shoutout to you!



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