Things That Are Cute On a Baby and Definitely Not on Adults {Humor}

I was looking at my daughter this morning and I realized that a lot of the things I find adorable about her are definitely not what society deems as adorable in an adult. This realization hit me when I was swooning over her one-tooth smile. Every time I see that lone tooth, I smile. Now, if my husband smiled a toothless (or one tooth) smile at me, I would not swoon. So, why is this so adorable on a 1-year-old and not a 30-year-old? I don’t have that answer. But the question got me thinking of what else is cute on babies that isn’t so attractive on adults. Here is some cute baby humor that I came up with:

Things That Are Cute On a Baby and Definitely Not on Adults {Humor}

  1. Toothless smiles. Like I said, these smiles are so adorable on babies. Every time I see one, it makes me smile, too.
  2. Mullets. Some babies are bald, some have those adorable curls, and some have mullets. I giggle when I see baby mullets. They are so cute and have so much personality. But, when I see a mullet on an adult? I can’t help but think of Mullet Junky. I cringe a little inside and can’t help but feel a little pity. Who knows, maybe they will come back in style.
  3. Mouthing everything. I was talking to Livvy’s OT a few weeks ago, commenting on how I don’t know why, but I find it adorable when she mouths things. At the moment, she was mouthing her walker. I ruminated that I would be pretty put off if I saw an adult leaning over, mouthing and drooling on, say, a shopping cart or some other walker-like object. (Or any object, for that matter.)
  4. Wearing everything they eat. It’s funny when you see a baby who is covered in their food. They’re having fun, smearing it in their hair and spreading it on the table. I wear everything I eat in a similar fashion (though not on purpose). Attractive? No. Amusing? Yes.
  5. Snoring. Little baby snores. Enough said.
  6. Tantrums. Ok, so toddler tantrums aren’t usually cute. However, I can’t help but laugh a little when my daughter gets mad sometimes because she scrunches up her face all cute-like. Flailing about on the floor can be hard to hide a laugh from too. I guess adults do that too, but we don’t have the same excuse and leeway a toddler does.
  7. Rolls and Wrinkles. I just wanna squeeze baby rolls. And that soft, wrinkly, newborn skin? Can’t stop touching it. My rolls and wrinkles? Not so much!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that these are cute on babies? What else is cute that I haven’t thought of?

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