How to Deal with Colic in Babies

Newborn babies often suffer from a severe stomachache that is caused due to the presence of excessive gas in their stomachs. Doctors have the opinion that this gas enters the body while a baby is crying loudly with an open mouth. However, the cause of colic is not known. Colic may also occur due to food allergies, acid reflux or overexposure to smoke. Some speculate colic in babies is due to an underdeveloped nervous system. So it is nothing to worry about for the parents and a few effective colic tips may help them give relief to their little ones.

colic in babies and colic tips

Tips on Dealing with Colic in Babies

  • The mother’s breast milk is hardly ever harmful to a baby and is the least possible cause of colic. However, formula milk can cause the formation of gas or any irritation in the baby’s stomach. The saying “breast is best” is true when it comes to digesting milk enzymes, but this is not always possible. There are specially formulated formulas for sensitive stomachs, such as Gerber Soothe.
  • The baby should be fed in a sitting position on the lap of the person who feeds him so that he can swallow the least amount of air while feeding. Moreover, it is better to burp out all the gas from the stomach of the baby before and after feeding him, by slowly rubbing or patting him on the back while the baby is held in an upright position.

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This Doctor Found a Way to Calm Crying Babies!

If the baby is crying so often that causes “colic”, it is better to consult a pediatrician for finding the actual reason for his crying. Rule out other causes of crying, such as a food allergy or anything more serious.

I came across this YouTube video on a doctor’s tip on soothing a crying baby. I tried it with my daughter and it worked, at least for short periods. It’s worth a try!

  • It is better to take a walk carrying the baby in the arms of the parent or in a carrier that can be hung over the chest of the parent. This slow motion and the comfortable warmth of the parent’s body may distract the baby until his colic pain subsides gradually. Alternatively, the infant may be moved rhythmically in a baby swing that even calms him down to sleep peacefully.

Help your Colicky Baby Sleep!

  • Slow and boring sounds of certain machines may lull the baby to sleep when he is suffering from colic pain. So the parents may start an electric fan or a vacuum cleaner or a slow music, whose sounds may soothe the baby’s mind and he falls silent after some time. Check out this YouTube video for 10+ hours of soothing sounds.
  • First, dim the lights. Then, have the caregiver lay him over her lap. Next, give soothing massages over the back or the stomach of the baby, which will make him comfortable.

Soothe Colic in Babies

  • Try holding a warm compress over your baby’s belly. However, the water should not be boiling hot. Also, the compress should not touch the bare skin of the infant, to prevent the burning. You can also try giving the baby a warm bath.

These colic tips do not include the uses of any over-the-counter medicine or softened rice, as these things do not help and may even make things more complicated. What worked for your baby’s colic?

colic in babies and colic tips

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