V-Stitch Headband {free crochet pattern}

Adorable and easy beginner headband crochet pattern #freecrochetpattern #crochet #diyHave you wanted to try a beaded free crochet headband pattern, but feel overwhelmed? This v-stitch headband is adorable, easy, and works up fast! All you need is a small amount of yarn (I used cotton; however, ribbon, satin, linen or even wool yarn would work great as well!)

V-Stitch Headband [Ravel-It!]

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Small amount of WW cotton (2 oz. or less), H Hook, approximately 26 6mm beads

Note: You can add or subtract from the beginning chain to make it longer or shorter, as long as it is a multiple of 3. I made the chain, then sl st it together and made sure it fit my head before continuing.

Special Stitch: V-Stitch. dc, ch 1, dc in same space. http://www.anniesattic.com/crochet/content.html?content_id=21

Pre-string about 26 beads (may wanna do a few extra just to be sure)

Ch 78, sl st to form a ring (make sure it doesn’t get twisted)

Row 1: ch 3. pull 1 bead up to hook, ch 1. dc in the same st as the ch 3. sk 2 st. *1 dc in next stitch. pull 1 bead up to hook, ch 1. dc in same space as last dc. skip 2 st.* repeat from * across. sl st to top of beg ch 3.

Weave in ends.

This makes a super fast project to work up for gifts or giveaways!

Adorable and easy beginner headband crochet pattern #freecrochetpattern #crochet #diy




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