Valentine’s Day Free Earring Holder Cut File

I made the earring holders with Valentine’s Day in mind, but you can really use them any time! This is perfect if you make jewelry and want to package it up nice and cute! Either way, this is a fun DIY earring holder that you can use as is, or customize the base. It works for any earring type, too! You are welcome to use this free earring holder cut file for commercial use!

Valentine's Day Free Earring Holder Cut File

This free earring holder cut file actually includes 4 earring options:

  • fish hook earrings
  • stud earrings
  • hoop earrings
  • solo earring (in case your guy or gal has only 1 ear pierced!)

Materials for free earring holder cut file

  • (I used kraft paper)
  • (or whatever media you want to use to decorate. I personally like how vinyl looks on cardstock)
  • free earring holder cut file (Silhouette studio file or SVG)

Directions to make free earring holder cut file

First, cut the free earring holder file out on cardstock or kraft paper. You can choose which earring type you want!

This is only the fish hook earring holder and stud earring holder. The single stud and hoop holders are included in the cut file!

Next, cut the “Ear Candy” and candy logo onto vinyl or whatever media you choose. They are already perfectly spaced to fit onto the earring holder, but you can change the placement if you wish. (TIP: If you want to keep the placement, but change the size of the earring holder, highlight and resize the earring holder AND logo at the same time to keep the spacing in place.)

I kept the spacing here. You can use one piece of transfer tape and place it perfectly onto the earring holder. Easy peasy!

Lastly, place the decorations onto the earring holder. Like I mentioned above, you can do away with the decorations and just use the free earring holder cut file. This way, you can customize or brand it for your own needs!

The first earring holder is using the file as is. I swapped them in the second earring holder to mix it up a bit!

Put the earrings in and give it to your Valentine! What media did you use? Tag me on social media and I’ll share your finished product!

Valentine's Day Free Earring Holder Cut File

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