13 Homemade Lemonade Recipes For Summer {Infographic}

13 yummy lemonade recipes for summer

There is nothing like a tall glass of lemonade on these hot, muggy Summer days. I am loving these lemonade recipes by PB Teen! Have you tried any? Which is your favorite?

Yummy lemonade recipes are only a few ingredients and include:

  • Watermelon lemonade
  • Strawberry lemonade
  • Raspberry peach lemonade
  • Sparkling pink peach lemonade
  • Mint lime-ade
  • Frozen lemonade with blackberry puree
  • Pineapple lemonade
  • Lavender lemonade
  • Pink lemonade sherbet punch
  • Pomegranate pink lemonade
  • Fresh honey lemonade
  • Sparkling mint lemonade



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