DIY Dollar Tree Wrapped Photo Canvas

I was walking through Dollar Tree yesterday and I always pass through the craft aisle. At the end of the craft aisle at my local Dollar Tree is where the photo frames are. I did a double take when I saw that Dollar Tree has canvases now! They’re not huge. I think the wrapped canvas was 6×8 and then a 2-pack of flat 5×7 canvases. I scooped those puppies up and made this DIY Dollar Tree wrapped photo canvas tutorial using Mod Podge! They make great gifts! Don’t forget to check out my other Dollar Tree DIYs!


DIY Dollar Tree Wrapped Photo Canvas

Again, everything was bought at Dollar Tree minus the photo which I printed at home. You can even buy the photo paper at Dollar Tree!

Note: You can get these at Dollar Tree and use your home laser printer as I did. The only supply you wouldn’t get at Dollar Tree would be if you have to send the photo to be printed somewhere like Walmart or CVS.

  • Laser printed photo on . I personally had the best luck with matte photo paper or cardstock, but you can use glossy as well. I printed it at home on my laser printer, but if you don’t have one (do not use inkjet!) you can have your photo printed at any photo store.
  • . (You can get 8 oz bottles in the craft aisle)
  • .
  • . (Hardware aisle)
  • .

 Again, everything was bought at Dollar Tree minus the photo which I printed at home. You can even buy the photo paper at Dollar Tree!


1. Use your foam sponge to give the canvas a thin but thorough coat of mod podge. Make sure the entire surface is covered.

2. Center the photo over the canvas and gently rub out any bubbles to create a firm grip onto the canvas. I found it helpful to turn it over and rub the back part of the canvas that is stretched over a wood frame. The thinner canvas is too thick for that to help much. Let it dry at least 15-30 minutes.

3. Do another thin but thorough coat of mod podge over the top of the photo. Take care to use long brush strokes over the photo, particularly over faces. These strokes are what will give the photo a “canvas finish” look. Some people take it a step further with a cheesecloth pressed into the mod podge to create that look, but I found the sponge brush did the trick. I also didn’t want to risk it considering any dust on that cloth would transfer onto the canvas. If you really want that look and feel like the sponge isn’t doing the trick, try it at your own risk!

DIY Dollar Tree Photo Canvas

4. Wrap the edges around the back of the canvas while it is still wet from the mod podge. The mod podge actually acts as a glue to hold the edges in place.

5. Add a second coat of mod podge if you see fit. I personally left it with that one coat and it’s holding up well. Let it dry another 30 min or so.


  • Learn from my mistakes! Here are a few things I learned the hard way while using the supplies from Dollar Tree:
  • Don’t put the second layer of mod podge on too early or the paper can rip, especially if you’re using thinner paper.
  • Do not use regular printer paper. I tried this and while it is possible, the bumpiness of the canvas almost guarantees it will bump and rip. The more you try to work out the bubbles, the more likely it is to tear! Unless you are not a perfectionist, don’t attempt this on thin copy paper.
  • Cut small corner squares off the picture where it folds onto the canvas. I did it both ways and It was much easier and smoother in appearance when I took off some extra photo paper. Here is a photo to demonstrate:

DIY Dollar Tree Wrapped Photo Canvas

I love making quality crafts on the cheap, which is why Dollar Tree and the thrift stores are my favorite places to shop. These work up fast and easy, making it affordable to do a photo canvas wall or make as gifts for family and friends. The possibilities are endless. I’d love to see your finished DIY Dollar Tree wrapped photo canvas!

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