DIY Glitter Ornaments (2 ways that last + a Dollar Tree option)

There are lots of DIY glitter ornaments tutorials floating around Pinterest, but I’ve done my homework when it comes to making DIY glitter ornaments that stand the test of time. The options are endless (, , nail polish, glue, , etc), but I wanted something with two features: Ornaments whose glitter stayed put and supplies I had on hand. After some trial and error, I found which ones lasted and were easiest to make.

Since we just bought a new house, this was an almost 100% DIY Christmas gifts kind of year. Most gifts were on a budget for obvious reasons. I made DIY Dollar Tree photo wrapped canvases, gluten-free cookies with “gluten-free” stickers as a free cut file, Santa’s sleigh ornaments with a realistic snow recipe, star ornaments with glitter handprints from my 2-year-old, and bath bombs! It feels so much better giving gifts you’ve made yourself with time and TLC. I feel prouder watching them be opened and enjoyed.

DIY Dollar Tree Glitter Ornaments

One of the tutorials can be considered a Dollar Tree craft (my favorite type!) as all of the supplies can be picked up at Dollar Tree. Since Dollar Tree only has plastic ornaments, it does take a little more work, requiring a few coats, but I’ll get into that in a minute.

DIY Dollar Tree Glitter Ornaments (2 ways that last)


  • (Dollar Tree seems to stock 2-packs of regular-sized ornaments and jumbo ones!)
  • (found in the craft aisle)
  • (found in the craft aisle)


  1. Give the adhesive spray a good shake and then spray it into the ornament liberally.
  2. Swirl the ornament to get a good coat, then place it upside down in a dixie cup to let the excess drip out (to avoid glitter getting stuck in globs. It dries quickly, so don’t let it sit for long.
  3. Pour glitter into the ornament liberally.
  4. Cover the top with a paper towel and give it a good shake to spread the glitter as evenly as possible.
  5. Pour excess glitter back into a baggie and put aside for the next coat.
  6. Let ornament dry. I gave it a good 12-24 hours to be safe.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 as many times as needed to get full coverage.
DIY Dollar Tree Glitter Ornaments

Doesn’t work as well in plastic ornaments, as you can see. It is possible with time and multiple coats!

Note: It does go faster (usually 1 coat) with glass ornaments, but as far as I know they aren’t sold at Dollar Tree. This was the way I ended up going for the sake of easiness. 

DIY Glitter Ornaments with Glitter Adhesive

DIY Glitter Ornaments (2 ways that last)

I had glitter adhesive laying around from previous craft projects, and grabbed it to try against the Elmer’s Adhesive Spray. I actually found them to be quite similar.


The verdict on the Best DIY Glitter Ornament Adhesive

Check out this quick video where I show you the two finished products. Can you tell the difference? I can’t! (There were both made on identical glass ornaments with identical glitter!)


Other methods

Other popular methods to make DIY glitter ornaments include:

  • Nail Polish

I’ve read numerous reports that and Mod Podge do not stand up to the test of time. will eventually chip off inside, especially after being jostled or dropped. takes a long time to dry. Side note: If you have the time to spare, Mod Podge would also make a Dollar Tree craft since they sell it in the craft section!! does, and I would have used it, I just didn’t have any on hand. Next year I will compare it to these two I made to give my personal opinion. Here’s a good tutorial on using Polycrylic Wax!

I’d love to see your finished ornaments. They make the perfect backdrop for vinyl. Tag me on social media and I will share your creations! Which adhesive do you think works best?

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