How to Not Waste a Ton of Time and Paper on Your Silhouette Cameo

I know this sounds obvious, but I am one of those people who hate doing a lot of pointless steps. When I crochet or knit, I tend to skip the test swatch. Well, for any fellow needle workers, if you spend hours, days, weeks and even months working on the perfect sweater, just to find out it’s too small… it can be devastating.

While this isn’t that long of a time investment, it’s a supply investment (vinyl is NOT cheap!) and the Cameo already has a huge learning curve. I have personally given up for periods of time out of sheer frustration and from being overwhelmed.

So again, while this sounds obvious and minor, it’s not. Utilize that Test Cut option! Then, keep track of what settings you finally found. I use this handy dandy mini composition book I found at Dollar Tree. Unless you’re not planning on using that material ever again, why go through the hassle twice?

Here is my example. I was using heavy HP cardstock to make a birthday card. Naturally, I started with the regular cardstock setting in the Silhouette software. What I ended up needing was the chipboard setting WITH double cut. Way different. I cut other brands of cardstock just fine on the original setting. So what did that tell me? Write that shtuff down! I have a huge 500 pack, so I will be cutting with it many more times.

This really is my brain backup! It’s small enough to fit in a back pocket, too!

Think you’re traumatized enough you’ll remember? I thought so too. As it turned out, my mom brain misfiled it away somewhere and I went through the hassle all over again the second time. That’s why writing it down is so handy. The printable guides on the internet are awesome starting points, but every brand can be slightly (or hugely, in my case) different.

My lesson is hard learned. It is much less hassle to use the Test Cut feature AND to write it down because mom brain is no joke!

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