Seven Birthday Party Ideas for Tomboy Girls

Is your little girl just not that girly? Stuck for ideas on how to celebrate her birthday that isn’t sleepovers or makeovers? See if any of these birthday party ideas would suit her better:

Seven Birthday Party Ideas for Tomboy Girls

Movie Night

There are no birthday party ideas I love more than snuggling up with a blanket and a cuppa and hours of my favorite movies – and this applies to girls of all ages! If the girly sleepover isn’t her thing, surely a trip to the DVD store to rent her favorite movies and stocking up on popcorn will be a great alternative! Simple and easy, there is very little you have to worry about – other than possible sugar overdose!

Birthday Party Ideas for Tomboy Girls

Video Games

Similar to your movie night, but taking the competition to a whole new level! Multi-player games are one of the best birthday party ideas for tomboy girls, and if you don’t personally own a games console like an Xbox or Playstation chances are a friend will, or you can rent them for a reasonable bond. Be careful -it’s easy to let competition get the best of you – especially if the birthday girl is a keen winner!

Birthday Party Ideas for Tomboy Girls


Tents, smores, ghost stories. What more could a girl want? Have your guests come over in the late afternoon or early evening, and have them pitch their own tents, maybe in pairs. You could award prizes for best tent, fastest pitching or best prepared. Have them bring PJs, torches, and midnight snacks – and let them cook their own sausages and smores over a fire. (or gas cooker!) Campouts are really easy to organize and are great fun, and remember there are always the girls who scare themselves so much they’ll end up sleeping on your couches.

Seven Birthday Party Ideas for Tomboy Girls

Criminal Mystery Party

Think Cluedo, but on a larger scale. Set up your crime scene in a locked room and have your guests arrive in character – one is the murderer. Have the host (mum or dad) read the instructions to the party. Guests each get an envelope with clues, information and objectives – this bit works really well to get people talking if not everyone knows each other at the party.  The murder occurs! Have the hosts or “investigators” give more clues and evidence during the night, post-it notes left hidden around or secret whisperings to different people. As suspicion arouses, bring everyone in together and have each person write down who they think the murderer is – before they reveal themselves. Happy sleuthing!

Seven Birthday Party Ideas for Tomboy Girls

Sports Game or Theme

Head either into the backyard (if you’re lucky enough to have a decent sized one) or down to a community park and set up your party. They will usually have barbeques or grill-plates you can use, and any large open space of grass is sure to be a hit with your tomboy! Think outside the square with birthday party ideas and even go for a soccer ball cake or piñata – hit with a baseball bat of course!

There is always the option also of going to an actual game. Something minor league maybe, where often they offer birthday packages – who knows, she could even have her name lit up on the scoreboard!

Seven Birthday Party Ideas for Tomboy Girls

Survival Party

This idea may take a little preparation but would be totally worth it when you see how much fun your daughter and her friends are having. Treat the party like an episode of Survivor – set up tiki torches, split the group into teams with colored t-shirts and have death-defying battles of mattress surfing, obstacle courses in the backyard and eating challenges.(think Brussel-sprouts and mushrooms, not insects and eyeballs!) Remember, “Outwit Outplay and Outlast” – but more importantly, have fun!


Laser Tag or Paintball

Who needs a good excuse to get into war mode? Not me, I love camo and a rifle just as much as the next girl. What better then, then a trip to Laser Tag or Paintball? Kids love to get competitive, and this way you get to tire them out too… They’ll be far too tired on the ride home to give you any grief!

Have you thrown your tomboy daughter a party? Would she be happy with these birthday party ideas or do you have other suggestions? Check out some more great birthday party ideas and get a free birthday banner for your Silhouette

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