Silhouette Cameo Cutting the Wrong Spot in Print and Cut? Here’s a Fix!

Is your silhouette cameo 3 cutting in the wrong place? The Print and Cut feature on Silhouette is so useful and fun! It is also one of the most common issues with the Silhouette Cameo to troubleshoot. Learn from my mistake with my Silhouette Cameo cutting the wrong spot in Print and Cut so you can enjoy this versatile and fun feature!
Silhouette Cameo Cutting the Wrong Spot in Print and Cut? Here's a Fix!
I am painstakingly trying to get my daughter’s second birthday party decorations finished for this weekend (yes, I am totally a procrastinator!) while she is at my mom’s house for a sleepover, as I can’t get anything done when she’s home because she want’s to “help” me!  Unfortunately, I spent all night fighting with my Silhouette Cameo 3 to print and cut some unicorn cupcake toppers and it kept cutting the wrong spot, way off center or telling me it couldn’t find the registration marks. I read a helpful post on the Silhouette School Blog with a great tip on flashing a light over the sensors. It helped a little and I was able to get the registration marks to register — some of the time. It was way past bedtime so after 2 hours of frustration, I went to bed and got up early to try again.

Silhouette Cameo Cutting the Wrong Spot in Print and Cut? Here's a Fix!How to Fix the Silhouette Cameo Cutting in the Wrong Spot in Print and Cut

After some super helpful ladies gave me advice on the Silhouette Cameo Project Inspiration Facebook group (which I highly recommend), I got a nice checklist of things to try to fix it:
  • Do you have good lighting? I’ve read tips on shining a lamp or flashlight at the sensors. One commenter even told me she took her cover off her blade holder on her Cameo 2 as it was blocking the sensor light. Another recommended her phone flashlight.
  • Put the Cameo in a well-lighted spot, preferably natural light. I can’t set mine up by the window, so this wasn’t much help for me. If you have the flexibility, I highly recommend it.
  • Close the lid! It sounds so simple, but it works. Instead of shining a bunch of light on the silhouette, close the lid and let the sensors do their work. It should be enough if you’re in a decently lit room. (It worked for me in terms of getting it to register at least).
  • Are you using a Circuit mat? Even with putting the correct alignment to work on a Silhouette, I could not get it to register and if it did, it didn’t cut properly. Poor Cameo was so confused!
  • Thicken the registration marks.
  • Sharpie the registration marks, just don’t draw all the way to the end of the line. This was the winner for me!

What Worked for Me

In the end, I sharpie-d the top right and bottom left registration lines and it worked! If you are unable to get your cameo set up in good natural light (like me), this is the next best bet. However, I have heard each of these tips work for different people.
Which worked for you?
PS – I ended up making those toppers pictured in addition to a birthday banner, unicorn birthday banner ends, and cupcake toppers!


  1. Mine reads the registration marks fine…. but then it cuts in the wrong place.


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